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Enrique Morones interviews Buen Hombre Gil Cedillo

https://youtu.be/IcKwZenCWnQ Please tune in to check out Enrique Morone's interview with Gil Cedillo.  Find out how this union organizer from Los Angeles' Boyle Heights neighborhood became a reckoning force within the democratic party and is...

Welcome our new board member Magnificent Mujer Omkari Williams

Please tune in today to check out Enrique Morone's interview with Omkari Williams.  Find out how this activist, artist, storytelling creative who emerged from a family lineage and heritage  of African and Afro-American leaders...

Buen Hombre Jesus Nebot and Gente Unida board member.

Please tune in today to check out Enrique Morone's interview with Jesus Nebot.  Find out how this Venezuelan telenovela star went from fame to homeless in LA to successful social entrepreneur. Jesus Nebot is...

Magnificent Mujer Laura Castaneda

This week’s Magnificent Mujer is Laura Castañeda, an Emmy-award winning journalist, blogger, documentary filmmaker and media instructor, with more than 30 years of experience in various multimedia and multi-language platforms. Laura has most recently...

Magnificent Mujer Berenice Badillo PhD

This week's Magnificent Mujer podcast features Berenice Badillo a Chicano Park muralist, community artist, and a Registered Art Therapist certified in EMDR, a recently minted PhD doctor and a self proclaimed, “lover, dreamer, and...

Enrique Morones Interviews Erica Alfaro

Please tune in this Tuesday at 3pm pacific time to check out Enrique Morone's interview with Erica Alfaro on www.buenhombre.org and www.magnificentmujer.org. and on the Buen Hombre Youtube channel.  Enrique’s podcast interview will also...

Enrique Morones interviews Buen Hombre Dave Adelson

This week's Buen Hombre podcast features none other than frisbee throwing, border bypassing, heartful media activist and philanthropist, adjunct professor of life science at East Los Angeles College and the LA Throwback Foundation founder...

Buen Hombre Podcast featuring Ethan van Thillo listen here.

Our featured “Buen Hombre” this week is none other than Ethan van Thillo of the Digital Gym Cinema,  the Media Arts Center San Diego, the San Diego Latino Film Festival, the Teen Producers Project,...

Check out Magnificent Mujer Interview with Nicole Ramos

Please join me Enrique Morones and tune in to our latest episode of our new podcast, "Buen Hombre -Magnificent Mujer", where I will be interviewing Nicole Ramos, Esq.  This will be the first episode that...

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