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Gente Unida, Marcha Migrante 11, coming this summer in USA, GET OUT THE VOTO...

Pam Calore video, July 4 we launch Marcha Migrante 11 Caravan to get out the Latino Vote 10 states, in 10 days ! www.genteunida.net, we need your love & support, Si se puede ! Enrique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o2Kes3qGL8&t=5s

A society is judged by how it treats its children. Love is an action,...

Spring into action, with GENTE UNIDA, Save the world, Save the dates. May 1 -  May 5,  2020. Love has no Borders, join the wonders of art, photography, music & spoken word: Events @ 4th &...

Support Migrant Shelters in Baja

Gente Unida en acción

A society is judged on how we treat our children

Gente Unida & God  Bless, would to visit your church.  

No Olvidados (children that died in Border Patrol custody)

Some of the names, Carlos, Jakelin, Wilmer, Felipe, Mariee, Darlyn, Juan PRESENTE ! Ni una muerte mas !!! Rise up, love is an action, not just a word...GENTE UNIDA, join us.

Gente Unida con Reuniones Familiares

¡Gracias Federaciones CBO!

En Solaridad con jornaleros, San Bernadino

¡Gente Unida es amor en accion!

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