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Building Awareness

Educating and telling the truth about immigration phenomenon; and changing the perception of the migrant.

Educational and Arts Programming

Educational and arts programs for Migrant/Refugee children, especially in partnership with migrant shelters in Baja California. 

Voting 2020

The importance of voting in November 2020 in national, state and local elections. If you can’t vote, you know someone who can. 

Support our Healing Hands Campaign Here

Please donate and share our GoFundMe campaign through the following link. Your contribution supports our arts and educational programs in Tijuana. The Tijuana shelters are in need of basic necessities & healing spaces, that tend the heart & soul.

Help us create a healing setting for refugee children in 3 Tijuana shelters–a place for families to feel safe & kids to learn academics, dance, art, & gardening.

100% of your tax deductible donation, matched by Healing Hands, will go entirely towards purchasing these items for the shelters: Water Heater, Mold Treatment, 15 Bunkbeds, 20 egg-laying Chickens, Fruit Trees, a Greenhouse, Construction of Education/Meditation room, Computer, Sink for quarantine room, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Tables & Chairs.

Gente Unida is a non-profit 501c3 human rights border coalition. 

Gente Unida is called to speak for and highlight the works of those working for social justice and find collective means working across institutions to feed, protect, cloth and comfort those in our community that have little access to resources due to their nationality, immigration status, age gender or political/legal status.

American Nightmare Film from Gente Unida boardmember and motivational speaker, writer and actor Jesus Nebot. Check out the film at www.americannightmarefilm.com

Ari from Musical Ambassadors for Peace is dancing with children at camps in Tijuana where families are waiting for a chance for asylum.


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